What is XESUS?
Xesus is a results-oriented SEO compagny that provides the best price-quality ratio in the field of search engine optimization. Xesus can improve the SEO of any website without extra costs, which is why the aim of Xesus is to make it affordable for every entrepreneur.
What does XESUS do?
XESUS has invented a revolutionary way to deliver SEO services. The reason why SEO prices are so high with our competitors is because they sell their time and XESUS sells results. Ultimately, the customer wants results and this is what we deliver based on a standard step-by-step plan of the selected keywords. This entire step-by-step plan will be discussed with the customer aslo what kind of results can be expected. In addition, XESUS is also evaluating the marketplace. That is why the XESUS live platform will go online soon with all SEO techniques that take a lot of time, can be automated, making SEO even more price-friendly and the SEO market will be turned upside down.

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Links to tools such as: Ahrefs.com Domain Rating Checker, WordPress plugins, SEO E-books.

What is SEO? 

Explanation about SEO statistics, SEO vs SEA, costs and techniques.

What is XESUS?

Learn more about XESUS services, benefits, achievements and more.


The amount indicated in the contract will not be increased, so there will be no additional costs. XESUS incurs a lot of costs in the beginning but these start-up costs are not passed on to the customer. When the customer orders the XESUS Grow package, he / she can choose a date at which the amount will be collected. All other payment details are stated in the contract.
The customer receives 12 keywords aer year, which means that he / she can submit 3 new keywords every 3 months. he / she can therefore change the keywords every 3 months (forward new ones). We at XESUS will send you a keyword list if you want advice on which keywords are best in your industry. For these 12 keywords, 12 SEO texts will also be written that must be implemented on the website. In the DEMO you will receive a free Keyword List in which you can read which keywords are best.
The XESUS Grow package works for websites and webshops. However, the strategy is different. How is the strategy different? The content strategy of a website should be comparable to the products of a webshop. What do I mean by this? I'll put an example about it below: Website> Category Paid advertising> Blog Facebook ads. Webshop> Product category bags> Product waist bag If you want more information about the different SEO solutions, visit our SEO solutions page.
XESUS Grow is an invoice, spread over 12 months. So you can not cancel the contract after the reflection period of 14 days. You can pay the invoice in one go, for which you will receive a 10% discount.
Yes, you can always upgrade the package free of charge. Imagine that you start with the XESUS Grow Essential package first and after 5 months you want more search terms, that is possible. Only the price of the package changes and no additional start-up costs will be charged.
We will not reveal the secret SEO technique that XESUS Grow uses to our competitors and “not customers”. You can request a DEMO to find out.
The contract will indicate the metrics that must be achieved in a specific period. If the values ​​of these metrics are not achieved, there is "no cure" so "no pay".

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Results: Do you want to see the results of the websites that XESUS managed to rank on the 1st page in Google? Contact us . We will send the results list to you by email.

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