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Zinglo Hosting is changing all of the servers 17th Mar 2020

ZINGLO WEBHOSTING ZINGLO | HOSTING | DESIGNEN | STREAMS | SEO | LOGO DESIGN   ZINGLO HOSTING  MARTIN VERWOERT • ZINGLO • 17-03-2020   Zinglo Hosting is changing all of the servers to renew the servers and to reduce costs for everybody. This means that there are some things that will change for as well as our company as all of our ... Read More »

We are currently working on some updates for Zinglo. 24th Feb 2019

We are currently working on some updates for Zinglo.

Therefor it may happen that we appear to be offline.

No worries! Within 15 minutes we will be back online.


What is new when these updates are done?:

  • New look;
  • New and more packages;
  • BTW/VAR on the invoice.

WE ARE BACK ONLINE 17th Feb 2019

hello customers and new customers so as you notice before we ware offline because of server error and updates and all that stuff  but for now today we start til 3-17-2019 we give away 10% discount on all in  use this code if you went pay your server or hosting or whatever ( VJG64U2BHQ )   Greetings  Zinglo Team    Read More »

Come Come Action 25th May 2018

Come Come Action

if you order now a new VPS or a DEDICATED server

then you will get your setup fee back in your wallet for the discount on your next bill !!

this ends @ 30 juni 2018

maintenance 21st Mar 2018

Dear Zinglo customer, In January we informed you about the security breaches 'Meltdown' and 'Specter' that occur in the architecture of many processors. At Zinglo, safety has the highest priority. That is why we regularly install updates on all systems for our products. We do this every time the relevant manufacturer makes the update ... Read More »

Restrictions when sending e-mails to Microsoft mailboxes 17th Jan 2018

At this time, sending and forwarding emails from ZINGLO mailboxes to Microsoft mailboxes is limited. This concerns, for example, e-mail addresses with "@live", "@outlook", "@msn" or "@hotmail". The reasons for these limitations are recently amended guidelines from Microsoft. This means that Microsoft's servers do not allow some of the ZINGLO IP ... Read More »

Stream's 25th Jan 2017

Update 25/01/2017 11:16

its fixt 


this morning we found a bug insite centova
and we do ouwer best to fix it as you all know centova i dont build it 
so it will take a littel time 

the stream's works but the backoffice dont work sorry 


zinglo team

server maintenance 3rd Nov 2016

hello all from next week til end of the week we work on server updaten and other maintenance for beter running of server it can by that the server couple of time restart but we try to do it so smooth that you dont notice it for the stream wil it means that your stream stops for couple  of minutes i will say sorry for that but we cant do ... Read More »