1. The list must be a Double Opt-In list. This means a user has subscribed for a newsletter
or other email marketing messages by explicitly requesting it and confirming the email address to
be their own. Confirmation is usually done by responding to a notification/confirmation email sent
to the email address the end user specified. The double opt-in method eliminates the chance of
abuse where somebody submits someone else's email address without their knowledge and
against their will. You will not be permitted to mail any mailing list that you were given or
purchased. In doing so, this will also be considered spamming and may result in termination of
the offending account.
2. Email Scripts must be able to handle and document all information from a double opt-in
list. This includes recording the sign-up IP address and date/time, double opt-in verification IP
address and date/time, processing opt-outs (via web or email), and list removal on bounce backs.
All opt-outs or bounce back removals must be handled in a timely manner. If your account is
found to be using a script that does not meet these requirements, Zinglo reserves the right to
suspend, terminate, or deactivate your script or account.
3. Any unsolicited e-mail being sent will result in suspension or termination of the offending
account. We take a zero tolerance stance against sending of unsolicited
e-mail and other forms of spam.
More info in https://zinglo.net/vps-terms-of-service.php rule 2.1
4. Any mailing list MUST comply with all guidelines set forth by the United States
government. These can be found at: